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Logos are a graphic way to emphasize the positioning of the company, product or service

Visualize it
Individuals tend to looking for some aspects that are important for them in products and services. When the offer from the company is based on showing clearly these aspects, there is more chance for the sales. Logos are part of a marketing’s task to build a strategy of developing the identity of the offer, called branding.
Details and construction
The variety of appearance among logos is consequence of many elements, which can be analyzed, but two of them are more important: typography and colours.

The kind of letters roles as a voice from a person. It can be strong, fast or feminine, for example.

Colours play to make the tone to the message leading people to see the logo in different ways such as happy, concentrated, or relaxed.
Important functional aspects for application
Logos work in unity. People understand and memorize them because name, signature and symbol are connected in a spontaneous way.

In the same time, few details have power to add value to the compound. Lines, dots, backgrounds, more colours or abstract elements are important in certain situations.
The visual impact is a part of the plan succeed. A strong first sight is a way to make the audience start a relationship with the logo, increasing positive chances of the business.
Strategic process and types
During the process to develop a logo, concepts must fit with marketing aspects of the client’s business. Depending on the kind of target, strategy of competition and nature of product, for example, the same logo can be done emphasizing elements totally different, resulting in more than one alternative. When the designer knows more about the company, product or service, the development of the logo can be better.
Some logos created for my clients