ux/ui designer based in Vancouver


Organizing content to improve the reading.

Magazine or paper
Traditional printed media requires special designs to make people interested in the content. The unit of graphic design is the page. Make hierarchy, contrast, alignment and balance is a pull of basic aspects to make a successful page.
Special projects
Inside ordinary publications, there are special coverages that asks for attention to contrast with the regular content. I was specialist in these kind of project, developing impactful projects visually rich, using the best elements of the process to deliver good products to clients.
A peculiar moment of the process that help magazines and newspapers to be sold is the cover. This is a challenge task because only one concept attract visually, but other topics are there in form of text. Balance between content and marketing is essential.
Behind the scennes
The graphic plan to develop a whole volume of book, magazine or newspaper is made before the content is ready. The director of Art is responsible to understand editorial requirements and draw solutions to the main points. Some layouts are made and they are converted in templates for the team usage.